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  • The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - La Guia Oficial Completa
    The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom ofrece un vasto mundo repleto de misiones variadas, rompecabezas desafiantes, monstruos feroces y paisajes únicos. Al trabajar codo con codo con Nintendo, hemos creado esta completa guía autorizada que el juego tanto merece. Hemos explorado todas las características y facetas de The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom con una sola mis...
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  • Diablo: The Sanctuary Tarot Deck and Guidebook
    Moore, Barbara / Escritor
    Weigh the past and seize your destiny-wherever the darkened path may lead-with The Sanctuary Tarot Deck and Guidebook, inspired by the mythos of Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo and its magic-infused world of Sanctuary. In this deluxe boxed set featuring 78 oversize cards and a 96-page guidebook, rekindle the traditions of those who threw bones, read tea leaves, and invoked the ...
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  • The Rules We Break
    Zimmerman, Eric / Escritor
    Games and exercises to help designers understand how people think, how systems work, and how a design process can unfold. Exercises in Play, Systems, and Design is a collection of hands-on, real-world exercises for designers of all kinds. Games and play can help designers understand how people think, how systems work, and how a design process can unfold.The exercises are someti...
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  • Arcade Britannia
    Meades, Alan F. / Escritor
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  • Elden Ring Official Strategy Guide, Vol. 1
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  • The Complete Guide to Photorealism for Visual Effects, Visualization and Games
    Dinur, Eran / Escritor
    This book offers a comprehensive and detailed guide to accomplishing and perfecting a photorealistic look in digital content across visual effects, architectural and product visualization, and games. Emmy award-winning VFX supervisor Eran Dinur offers readers a deeper understanding of the complex interplay of light, surfaces, atmospherics, and optical effects, and then discusse...
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  • Assassin's Creed: Atlas
    Delalande, Guillaume / Escritor
    An officially licensed guide to the exciting historical destinations and ancient battlegrounds of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed seriesMeticulously re-created historical sites are a staple of the bestselling Assassin's Creed series--and, in fact, are one of the main draws of Ubisoft's all-time bestselling property. Each new game transports gamers to a different era and locale, begi...
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  • Game Anim
    Cooper, Jonathan / Escritor
    Game Anim teaches the technical and artistic fundamentals of video game animation and goes further to provide practical advice and industry insights to help you become a rounded and successful game animator. Covering every stage of game production from the animator's perspective, it is packed with the lessons learned from working on a variety of game types in both in-game and c...
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  • Game Boy: The Box Art Collection
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  • Game Writing
    Bateman, Chris / Escritor
    As the videogame industry has grown up, the need for better stories and characters has dramatically increased, yet traditional screenwriting techniques alone cannot equip writers for the unique challenges of writing stories where the actions and decisions of a diverse range of players are at the centre of every narrative experience. Game Writing: Narrative Skills for Videogames...
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  • World of Warcraft. Explorando Azeroth: Los Reinos del Este
    Golden, Christie / Escritor
    Durante más de un cuarto de siglo, los jugadores de Warcraft y World of Warcraft han disfrutado de una inmensa cantidad de artefactos, equipamiento, armamento y abalorios tan asombrosos como divertidos. Ahora podrán conocer más en profundidad los objetos que han ido consiguiendo... y los extraordinarios poderes que poseen. ...
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  • Videojuegos del presente. La realidad en formato lúdico
    Esta obra presenta una interpretación ambiciosa sobre la influencia de los videojuegos en la forma de comprender nuestro presente. En ella se recogen 20 voces diversas que hablan sobre la influencia compartida entre los juegos digitales, la cultura que generan y nuestra forma de entender el presente cotidiano.Los participantes en esta obra se interrogan sobre las diferentes man...
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  • The Official Pokemon Encyclopedia
    The essential guide for any Pokemon fan, containing newly discovered characters and a taster of the Galar region. Revisit unforgettable moments in Ash's journey to become a Pokemon Master. Travel from Kanto to Kalos, Johto to Sinnoh and not forgetting Alola and new region, Galar!Get to know Trainers, old and new as they guide Ash through his adventures.Learn battle moves and me...
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  • The Legend Of Zelda. Breath Of The Wild

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  • FORTNITE Official: The Chronicle (Annual 2021)
    ALL THE CRAZIEST HIGHLIGHTS FROM FORTNITE'S LATEST SEASONS IN THE BRAND-NEW OFFICIAL ANNUALFortnite has seen another year of incredible changes, starting with a huge asteroid blowing up the map to mark the launch of Chapter 2! Now you can follow all the twists and turns of the last 12 months in this official yearbook from Epic Games. Re-live your favorite moments from Battle Ro...
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  • The Art of Point-and-Click Adventure Games
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  • Final Fantasy XIV
    Square Enix / Escritor
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  • Code the Classics Volume 1
    Crookes, David / Escritor Gillett, Andrew / Escritor
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  • Hommage à Dark Souls: De Demon's Souls à Sekiro
    Collectif / Escritor
    Con FromSoftware acaba de presentar Elden Ring, un nuevo juego particularmente desafiante, es hora de hacer un balance del trabajo detrás de uno de los fenómenos de juego más grandes de todos los tiempos: Dark Souls.Cuando Dark Souls, el digno sucesor de Demon’s Souls, fue lanzado en el otoño de 2011, no había indicios del impacto que la saga FromSoftware tendrá en el mundo de ...
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  • Dreams Come to Life
    Kress, Adrienne / Escritor
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  • Ninja: Get Good: My Ultimate Guide to Gaming
    Blevins, Tyler Ninja / Escritor
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  • Ninja: Get Good : My Ultimate Guide to Gaming
    Blevins, Tyler Ninja / Escritor
    EL REGALO DE RELLENO DE ALMACENAMIENTO DEFINITIVO PARA JUGADORES De uno de los principales jugadores de Fortnite en el mundo, llega su guía para superar al resto en los juegos. Repleto de ilustraciones, fotografías, anécdotas y consejos de expertos, este compendio completo incluye todo lo que Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins desearía saber antes de tomarse en serio los juegos. Aquí se exp...
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  • Joey Drew Studios Employee Handbook
    Welcome to Joey Drew Studios, where your favourite characters come to life! In this employee handbook, you'll find everything you need to rise to the top of the studio: learn how to draw Bendy and Boris and study the storyboard art for our latest cartoons; explore a map of our sprawling studio and learn how to operate our state-of-the-art Ink Machine; and meet our staff, who ca...
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  • League of Legends - Realms of Runeterra
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  • The Art of Diablo
    Gerli, Jake / Escritor
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  • Guia Pokemon Espada y Pokemon Escudo
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  • Escape Rooms and Other Immersive Experiences...
    Kroski, Ellyssa / Escritor
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  • La Disonancia Ludonarrativa En Los Videojuegos
    Francisco Galisteo, Sofia / Escritor
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  • Life is Strange : Welcome to Blackwell Academy
    Forbeck, Matt / Escritor
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  • Game Engine Architecture
    Gregory, Jason / Escritor
    In this new and improved third edition of the highly popular Game Engine Architecture, Jason Gregory draws on his nearly two decades of experience at Midway, Electronic Arts and Naughty Dog to present both the theory and practice of game engine software development. In this book, the broad range of technologies and techniques used by AAA game studios are each explained in detai...
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