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  • Los mundos de Carely
    Rod Fraile, Mayte / Escritor
    Los relatos que contiene este libro son experiencias de su autora, Mayte Rod Fraile, como maestra y como madre. Se trata de episodios reales vividos a lo largo de su acompañamiento a la infancia, cuya protagonista es una niña inquieta, llena de preguntas, que se llama Carely.Carely le cuente al mundo adulto lo maravilloso que es acercarse a la infancia con paciencia y con resp...
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  • Misión dislexia
    McNeill, Julie / Escritor Stone, Rossie / Escritor McNeill, Paul / Escritor
    Conoce a Creati, Persis y Willfor. Son fuertes, decididos y creativos, y representan las fortalezas que la DISLEXIA puede aportar a sus vidas. Juntos te animarán a usar tus habilidades y tu talento para tener confianza en lo que haces -¿y encoger al villano Sr. Dispreciable! Este es un libro divertido e interactivo lleno de actividades de dibujo y escritura, y de ejemplos para ...
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  • Careers in Counseling and Psychology
    Lucas, Audrey / Escritor
    Through a carefully selected collection of readings, Careers in Counseling and Psychology: A Guide to Choosing the Right Career Path provides students with the information they need to carefully consider and determine their future participation within graduate programs or their careers within the discipline. The second edition has been updated in response to student feedback an...
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  • El liderazgo tahúr
    La Haba Panadero, Luis Manuel / Escritor
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  • Fundamentos de investigación en psicología
    Quintanilla Cobián, Laura / Escritor
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  • Acoso escolar
    Tresgallo, Emilio / Escritor
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  • Psicopatalogia clinica
    Ortiz-Tello, Margarita / Escritor
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  • Neuroeducacion En El Aula:
    Guillen, Jesus / Escritor
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  • Visiual integration development and impairments neu
    Kovacsilona / Escritor
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  • The Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines in Psychiatry
    Taylor, David (ed) / Escritor
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  • Withdrawal, Silence, Loneliness
    Erskine, Richard / Escritor
    With contributions from Silvia Allari, Leigh Bettles, Dan Eastop, Richard G. Erskine, Amaia Mauriz Etxabe, Linda Finlay, Ray Little, Lynn Martin, Marye O'Reilly-Knapp, Eugenio Peiro Orozco. Richard G.Erskine is a master clinician who, through more than fifty years of practice, has integrated diverse schools of psychoanalytic thought - self psychology, object relations, transact...
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  • Health Psychology
    Ogden, Jane / Escritor
    Health Psychology, 7th edition is essential reading for all students and researchers of health psychology. Organized into four sections, the 7th edition is structured with a clear emphasis on theory and evidence throughout. With renewed focus on thinking critically about Health Psychology, Ogden's revised edition maintains its accessible style and broad coverage.Each chapter fe...
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  • La anorexia explicada a los padres
    Vera Casas, Alejandro / Escritor
    La anorexia es un problema psicológico cada vez más presente entre los jóvenes. Sin embargo, este no afecta únicamente a la persona que lo sufre, si no, a toda la familia y gente que cuida.En mi experiencia trabajando en este tipo de casos, me he dado cuenta de lo importante que es ayudar a las familias con esto y también, el papel tan relevante que tienen en el devenir del tra...
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  • Challenging Bias in Forensic Psychological Assessment and Testing
    - Unique focus on bias and diversity within forensic settings, with the goal of tackling inequalities. - Chapters address challenging bias from a range of perspectives, including discussion of technology and social media, and how these can affect and be used to address bias. - Written by a team of pioneering international researchers and experts.- Includes cutting-edge research...
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  • The Social Psychology of Tolerance
    Verkuyten, Maykel / Escritor
    * Considers the various potential directions future social psychological research may take in relation to tolerance, collective action, a prejudice reduction * Discusses the importance of tolerance in relation to ideological and political differences, cultural group differences, contested moral issues, and academic debates * Part of the highly prestigious European Monographs in...
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  • Il declino del desiderio
    Zoja, Luigi / Escritor
    «La vita erotica del XXI secolo incontra nuovi problemi perché deriva da una sottrazione: è quello che sopravvive dell'amore quando è stato privato del mito». Uno studio approfondito e senza precedenti sulla sessualità nel nostro tempo, avviata nell'indifferenza generale verso un declino difficile da arrestare. In Occidente è in atto una tendenza che potrebbe estendersi all'int...
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  • Perceptions and Possibilities
    Leslie, Paul G. / Escritor
    This book will assist therapists in easily implementing the concepts of strategic and solution-oriented applications into one's therapeutic work with depressed clients. The focus of these brief therapy approaches is on the clients' resources and potential rather than on their deficits and pathology. These ideas have their roots in the work of Milton H.Erickson, the Mental Resea...
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  • The Myth of Normal
    Mate, Daniel / Escritor
    'It all starts with waking up... to what our bodies are expressing and our minds are suppressing'Western countries invest billions in healthcare, yet mental illness and chronic diseases are on a seemingly unstoppable rise. Nearly 70% of Americans are now on prescription drugs.So what is 'normal' when it comes to health?Over four decades of clinical experience, renowned physicia...
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  • The Myth of Normal
    Mate, Gabor / Escritor
    'It all starts with waking up... to what our bodies are expressing and our minds are suppressing'Western countries invest billions in healthcare, yet mental illness and chronic diseases are on a seemingly unstoppable rise. Nearly 70% of Americans are now on prescription drugs.So what is 'normal' when it comes to health?Over four decades of clinical experience, renowned physicia...
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  • Alzhéimer: lo que todos callan
    Loaiza Cano, Maricruz / Escritor
    Cuando llegó el Alzheimer, llegó también el caos. A velocidad de vértigo, sin referencias, y con las indicaciones médicas justas: así afrontaron la autora y su familia, un cambio radical de vida para cuidar a su madre.Nadie está preparado para convivir con un familiar con demencia. Sin embargo, es posible adoptar pautas tempranas que ayuden a gestionar la situación.Alzheimer, l...
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  • Subjective Views of Aging
    This book focuses on the concept of subjective views of aging. This concept refers to the way individuals conceptualize and perceive the aging process. Social and cultural perceptions regarding older adults are incorporated and internalized into views people hold regarding their own aging process.The book contains three parts which present theoretical, empirical, and translatio...
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  • Nudge
    Thaler, Richard / Escritor Sunstein, Cass R. / Escritor
    The completely updated, final edition of the global bestseller - one of the most influential books of the 21st century'Few books can be said to have changed the world, but Nudge did. The Final Edition is marvellous: funny, useful, and wise' Daniel KahnemanNudge has transformed the way individuals, companies and governments look at the world - and in the process has become one o...
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  • Retos para el bienestar social y emocional
    López-Cassà, Èlia / Escritor
    Partiendo de un enfoque pragmático se pretenden visibilizar nuevas perspectivas, mostrar aplicaciones reales, así como las posibilidades de la educación emocional en contextos diversos, en las aulas y más allá de ellas... ...
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  • Evidence Based Treatments for Trauma-Related Psychological Disorders
    Schnyder, Ulrich / Escritor Cloitre, Marylene / Escritor
    The second, completely updated edition of this book offers an evidence based guide for clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and other clinicians working with trauma survivors in various settings. It provides easily digestible, up-to-date information on the basic principles of traumatic stress research and practice, including psychological and sociological the...
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  • Knowledge Resistance in High-Choice Information Environments
    This book offers a timely exploration of our patterns of engagement with politics, news, and information in current high-choice information environmentsIt analyzes the issue plaguing our society today - The spread of misinformation and its impact on the public sphere, our politics and our everyday livesThe book offers insights into the processes that influence the supply of mis...
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  • Evolution of Learning and Memory Mechanisms
    Krause, Mark A. / Escritor Hollis, Karen L. / Escritor Papini, Mauricio R. / Escritor
    Evolution of Learning and Memory Mechanisms is an exploration of laboratory and field research on the many ways that evolution has influenced learning and memory processes, such as associative learning, social learning, and spatial, working, and episodic memory systems. This volume features research by both outstanding early-career scientists as well as familiar luminaries in t...
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  • Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life
    Peterson, Jordan B. / Escritor
    The inspirational sequel to 12 RULES FOR LIFE, which has sold over 5 million copies around the world - now in paperbackIn 12 Rules for Life, acclaimed public thinker and clinical psychologist Jordan B. Peterson offered an antidote to the chaos in our lives: eternal truths applied to modern anxieties. His insights have helped millions of readers and resonated powerfully around t...
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  • La Legge della parola
    Recalcati, Massimo / Escritor
    La Legge del Dio ebraico è la Legge della parola. Questa Legge non è solo scritta sulle tavole di pietra, ma intende inscriversi innanzitutto nel cuore degli uomini. Essa sancisce l'impossibilità dell'uomo di farsi Dio e, nello stesso tempo, dona a esso la possibilità generativa del suo desiderio. Si tratta di una dialettica ripresa in modo originale dalla lezione di Freud e di...
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  • 12 Notes: On Life and Creativity
    Jones, Quincy / Escritor
    Wisdom and musings on creativity and life from one of the world's most beloved musicians, producers, and mentors, Quincy Jones12 Notes is a self-development guide that will affirm that creativity is a calling that can and should be answered, no matter your age or experience. Drawing from his own life, and those of his many creative collaborators past and present, Quincy Jones p...
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  • The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Social Development
    Smith, Peter K. / Escritor Hart, Craig H. / Escritor
    The most up-to-date edition of a leading resource on the research and theory of the social development of children In the newly revised Third Edition of The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Social Development, a team of eminent researchers delivers a current and comprehensive discussion of the research and theory of childhood social development. With chapters written by an...
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