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  • Hángtian kejì yu zhongguó tian mèng
    Sobre la base de la revisión del desarrollo de la tecnología de la aviación mundial, este libro analiza la situación actual del desarrollo de la tecnología aeroespacial mundial, la perspectiva del desarrollo de la tecnología aeroespacial y la perspectiva de la aplicación de la tecnología aeroespacial en 2049. El libro está lleno de imágenes y textos, lenguaje fluido y puntos de...
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  • Astronomy For Dummies
    Meren, Stephen R. / Escritor Fienberg, Richard Tresch / Escritor
    Embark on your own personal journey into the night sky. Stardate: Today! Ever catch yourself staring up at the night sky and wondering just what the heck is out there? While no one book can answer all your questions, Astronomy For Dummies will take you on a tour through the Milky Way (and beyond!) that describes some of the most fascinating objects in the universe. This book co...
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  • The Cosmic Revolutionary's Handbook
    Barnes, Luke A. / Escritor Lewis, Geraint F. / Escritor
    Free yourself from cosmological tyranny! Everything started in a Big Bang? Invisible dark matter? Black holes? Why accept such a weird cosmos? For all those who wonder about this bizarre universe, and those who want to overthrow the Big Bang, this handbook gives you 'just the facts': the observations that have shaped these ideas and theories. While the Big Bang holds the attent...
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  • Astronomy of Ancient Egypt
    Belmonte, Juan Antonio / Escritor Lull, José / Escritor
    This book is a comprehensive reference on ancient Egyptian astronomy, one of the most important topics in historical astronomy. Written by two recognized specialists?one an astronomer trained in Egyptology and the other an Egyptologist trained in astronomy?it synthesizes and analyses the international body of research surrounding this ancient culture.The chapters in this work a...
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  • L'astronomie pour les nuls
    La tête dans les étoiles ! Comment se forment les aurores polaires ? La vie existe-t-elle sur Mars ? Quand observer les étoiles filantes ? Notre Soleil va-t-il mourir un jour ? Qu'est-ce qu'un trou noir ? De la théorie du big bang à la description du système solaire, des astéroïdes aux trous noirs, L'Astronomie pour les Nuls propose une grande visite guidée de l'Univers. A la f...
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  • Starry Messenger
    DeGrasse Tyson, Neil / Escritor
    Bringing his cosmic perspective to civilization on Earth, Neil deGrasse Tyson shines new light on the crucial fault lines of our time-war, politics, religion, truth, beauty, gender, and race-in a way that stimulates a deeper sense of unity for us all.In a time when our political and cultural views feel more polarized than ever, Tyson provides a much-needed antidote to so much o...
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  • Cosmology
    Baumann, Daniel / Escritor
    The author - a leading theoretical cosmologist - expands on his widely acclaimed lecture notes in this self-contained textbook, suitable for the advanced undergraduate or starting graduate level. Presenting the key theoretical foundations of cosmology and describing the observations that have turned the subject into a precision science, the author keeps the student in mind on e...
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  • The Human Cosmos
    Marchant, Jo / Escritor
    For most of human history, we have had a close relationship with the stars. Once they shaped our religious beliefs, power structures, scientific advances and even our biology. But over the last few centuries we have separated ourselves from the universe that surrounds us.And it comes at a cost. The Human Cosmos is a tour of this history: from the Hall of the Bulls in Lascaux to...
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  • Constellations for Kids
    Simpson, Donald / Escritor
    Explore the constellations with this educational book for kids ages 5-10In this book easily see the shape of each constellation thanks to line illustrations overlaid on the night sky.This is a good star constellations book to add to your kids library collection at home.Color pictures and illustrations throughout. ...
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  • L'Espace - La Méthode Scientifique
    Martin, Nicolas / Escritor
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  • Astronomía para niños - Sistema solar - Universo y más sobre astronomía:
    Samuel, Dunamis / Escritor
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  • Nello spazio con Samantha
    Cristoforetti, Samantha / Escritor Sandrelli, Stefano / Escritor
    Samantha racconta in prima persona, e in modo semplice e comprensibile, la sua straordinaria esperienza nella Stazione Spaziale. Come ci si prepara a una missione così importante, come è fatta la Stazione e da chi è composto l'equipaggio delle spedizioni a cui prende parte. Il racconto diventa poi cronaca quotidiana della sua vita lassù: quali esperimenti scientifici sono stati...
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  • First Space Book
    Gifford, Clive / Escritor
    Children can set off on an incredible adventure through the Universe and discover planets, stars, space travel, astronauts and much, much more. Quirky cartoon characters communicate extra fun facts, and a practical activity on every spread encourages reader participation. Also included is a wall poster of our Solar System, plus a useful glossary. ...
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  • Science with The Cherenkov Telescope Array
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  • The Moon - A History for the future
    Morton, Oliver / Escritor
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  • Supernovae : 68
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  • Conquering the Physics GRE
    Kahn, Yoni / Escritor Anderson, Adam / Escritor
    The Physics GRE plays a significant role in deciding admissions to nearly all US physics Ph.D. programs, yet few exam-prep books focus on the test's actual content and unique structure. Recognized as one of the best student resources available, this tailored guide has been thoroughly updated for the current Physics GRE.It contains carefully selected review material matched to a...
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  • Arte Y Cultura: Historias de Las Constelaciones
    Lacey, Saskia / Escritor
    Students will learn all about geometric shapes while engaged in reading about Greek Gods and Goddesses, mythology, and the constellations. This Spanish book uses real-world examples to teach math concepts, and incorporates nonfiction reading to increase vocabulary and comprehension skills. The practice problems, graphs, and sidebars provide many opportunities for students to pr...
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  • Saturn in the 21st Century
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  • Modeling and Analysis of Eclipsing Binary Stars
    Prsa, Andrej / Escritor
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  • Planetary Geology
    Rossi, Angelo Pio / Escritor
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  • Use of Extraterrestrial Resources for Human...
    Rapp, Donald / Escritor
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  • Introduction to Particle and Astroparticle Physics:
    De Angelis, Alessandro / Escritor
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  • Curso de Astronomia
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  • This Book is a Planetarium
    Anderson, Kelli / Escritor
    Never has humble paper had such radical ambitions. Defying every expectation of what a book can be, this pop-up extravaganza transforms into six fully functional tools. Artist Kelli Anderson contributes enlightening text alongside each pop-up, explaining the scientific principles at play in her constructions and creating an interactive experience that's as educational as it is ...
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  • Introduction To The Theory Of The Early Universe
    Rubakov, Valery A / Escritor Gorbunov, Dmitry S. / Escritor
    This book is written from the viewpoint that a deep connection exists between cosmology and particle physics. It presents the results and ideas on both the homogeneous and isotropic Universe at the hot stage of its evolution and in later stages. The main chapters describe in a systematic and pedagogical way established facts and concepts on the early and the present Universe.Th...
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  • Astrophysics for People in a Hurry
    DeGrasse Tyson, Neil / Escritor
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  • Ask the Astronaut
    Jones, Tom / Escritor
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  • The Interstellar Age
    Bell, Jim / Escritor
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  • Physics, Formation and Evolution of Rotating Stars
    Maeder, Andre / Escritor
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