Tietz Textbook of Laboratory Medicine

Tietz Textbook of Laboratory Medicine

Fecha publ. prevista: finales junio 2022

Rifai, Nader / Escritor

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Use THE definitive reference for laboratory medicine and clinical pathology! Tietz Textbook of Laboratory Medicine, 7th Edition provides the guidance necessary to select, perform, and evaluate the results of new and established laboratory tests. Comprehensive coverage includes the latest advances in topics such as clinical chemistry, genetic metabolic disorders, molecular diagnostics, hematology and coagulation, clinical microbiology, transfusion medicine, and clinical immunology. From a team of expert contributors led by Nader Rifai, this reference includes access to wide-ranging online resources on Expert Consult - featuring the comprehensive product with fully searchable text, regular content updates, animations, podcasts, over 1300 clinical case studies, lecture series, and more.

Authoritative, current content helps you perform tests in a cost-effective, timely, and efficient manner; provides expertise in managing clinical laboratory needs; and shows how to be responsive to an ever-changing environment. Current guidelines help you select, perform, and evaluate the results of new and established laboratory tests. Expert, internationally recognized chapter authors present guidelines representing different practices and points of view.

Analytical criteria focus on the medical usefulness of laboratory procedures. Use of standard and international units of measure makes this text appropriate for any user, anywhere in the world. Expert Consult provides the entire text as a fully searchable eBook, and includes regular content updates, animations, podcasts, more than 1300 clinical case studies, over 2500 multiple-choice questions, a lecture series, and more.

NEW! 19 additional chapters highlight various specialties throughout laboratory medicine. NEW! Updated, peer-reviewed content provides the most current information possible. NEW! The largest-ever compilation of clinical cases in laboratory medicine is included on Expert Consult.

NEW! Over 100 adaptive learning courses on Expert Consult offer the opportunity for personalized education.

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