Careers in Counseling and Psychology

Careers in Counseling and Psychology

A Guide to Choosing the Right Career Path

Lucas, Audrey / Escritor

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Through a carefully selected collection of readings, Careers in Counseling and Psychology: A Guide to Choosing the Right Career Path provides students with the information they need to carefully consider and determine their future participation within graduate programs or their careers within the discipline. The second edition has been updated in response to student feedback and inquiries. The information has been restructured with the chapters focusing on careers in counseling and psychology at the graduate level, the role of being supervised and serving as a supervisor, the importance of multicultural competence, and the process of pursuing a doctoral degree.

The text provides insight into the earning potential as well as the roles and responsibilities inherent in each career choice. It also helps students determine which graduate programs best suit their career and professional goals. In Unit I, students read about various professions in the field, including addiction counseling, behavioral therapy, career counseling, counseling in college settings, marriage and family counseling, pupil personnel workers, rehabilitation counseling, and more.

Unit II examines types of supervision, including the roles of clinical supervisors, peer recovery supervisors, and executive directors of nonprofits. The final unit discusses current trends and future directions in multicultural and social justice counseling and the options available to students who wish to pursue a doctoral degree.

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